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  • 3 Steps to Becoming a Content Marketing Master

    There are over 363 million search results for the term "content marketing," but add the word mastery to the term and the search results plummet to 4 million results. Only one result uses the term "content marketing mastery," leaving me to wonder: if everyone wants to know how to do content marketing, why aren't we talking about how to do it well? I hope to correct that with a three-step process you can start today.

  • How Is Social Media Affecting Your Sales in 2014?

    Is your social media strategy delivering ROI or is the social web all too confusing? This article sheds light on the size of the opportunity and the size of failure if your strategy is not up to scratch.

  • Optimizing Blog Posts: 11 Essential Considerations

    Optimizing blog posts requires both art and science. This piece supplements the guidance offered in Blogging: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide, covering factors like developing post standards and creating templates, the importance of excerpts and featured images, SEO optimization, promoting reader friendliness and engagement, and more.

  • 5 Guidelines for Social-Media Posts That Hit the Mark

    Business owners know that the Internet is a gold mine of free marketing directly to your target audience. A simple post on Facebook or Twitter can reach millions of people already keyed in to your products and offerings. But just as not all advertising ...

  • 99 Tactics Every Marketer Should Know

    When developing a marketing plan, it's best to consider all your available options. Here's a list of 99 tactics that every marketing should consider when constructing a plan. Remember to make sure tactics are integrated and aligned with your brand.

  • Use Social Listening to Anticipate and Respond to Client Interests

    One of the reasons social media is so popular with researchers is it provides an opportunity to listen in on conversations, AKA social listening. You should be doing the same with your customers through your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other sites you regularly use. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn by just tying in a hashtag (#) on Twitter and Facebook.

  • How to Make Your Blog More Facebook Friendly

    It's critical that from the very beginning of your blogging efforts that your blog is optimized for Facebook to ensure it's as easy as possible to share your best content across the social network. Here's how to make your blog more Facebook friendly from the very beginning.

  • Top 10 Online Tools That Every Content Writer Must Know

    First there was the content. Content is king. Every content creator knows that creating super cool content every day - it's a hell job. That's why we need special tools to help us in creating content. Here is a list of ten fantastic tools, and just to be nice, they have been arranged in order of greatness. The first ones are the best ever the bottom ones are still top jaw droopingly great, but are just not as fantastic as the ones listed above.

  • How to write headlines that could go viral

    I want to let you in on a secret. The headline of this column alone, with proper placement and social sharing of course, could take this viral. In order to get a well-placed piece in the digital domain, you have to make it SHINE.

  • B2B Content Marketing Across Borders: Does Your Message Translate?

    Global B2B content marketing can be very difficult and if you create a marketing message for one geographic market, it won't necessarily translate effortlessly into another market. Here are some tips on preparing your B2B marketing strategy and content for a global audience.

  • The Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

    To some entrepreneurs, social media marketing is the "next big thing," a temporary yet powerful fad that must be taken advantage of while its still in the spotlight. To others, its a buzzword with no practical advantages and a steep, complicated ...

  • Choosing the Most Effective Social Media Platform for Your Business [infographic]

    Whether you are a traditional bricks and mortar business or an online startup, social media can assist you in making your business a success. But how, exactly?

  • Five Secrets to Successful Social Media Promotions

    You've got your social media accounts lined up, broadcast some updates, and now you're ready to put together a promotional campaign. Before you get started, take a minute to learn five secrets to social media promos that successful brands already know.

  • The 80 – 20 Rule: Three Key Reasons to Use Infographics

    Would you rather read paragraphs of text or look at a graphic that conveys all the information you need to know? Personally - I’d choose the latter. Our eyes are naturally drawn to images, they are more intriguing, attractive and, of course, more fun to share. As a whole, people remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and only 10% of what they hear. Why not include your content in that 80%? Enter: Infographics. Infographics have become one of the best tools for creating shareable content. Every business wants to go viral and, at the same time every business is competing against the tsunami of available online content. How do you make your content stand out? How do you get people to share what you’ve created? One way is by cutting to the chase with an infographic. If we look to science, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Google searches for the term ‘infographics’ have grown more than 800% in the past several years. For those trying to garner media attention, 73% of journalists say they would rather report on press releases that contain images. Below is an example of an ...

  • 3 Big Lessons You Can Learn from Successful Brands on Facebook

    Sometimes it seems like big brand pages have it easy on Facebook. With such large audiences it looks easy to have a successful online presence. However for small businesses there are still lessons to be learned from bigger brands on Facebook. This article focuses on two fashion/beauty brands who can teach us all a lesson in Facebook marketing.

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