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  • 3 Ways Social Can Turbocharge Your Content

    Social is both a content channel and a resource. Here are three great ways that social can give back, turbocharging your content marketing to boost performance and quality.

  • 5 Tips and 15 Links to Help Beginners Get Started on Social Media

    I was happy to give a training at a local non-profit recently. The organization is going through a state of transition and some people are losing their positions. I gave a mini-course on how to use social selling techniques to present yourself on LinkedIn, and how to connect with prospective employers, peers and influencers at those prospective employers. One thing that caught me by surprise was that many people needed a lot of help just getting started.

  • What Is Content Marketing? An Explanation in 5 Images [infographics]

    Businesses and organizations across the globe are using content to build awareness, generate leads and delight customers. And with so much hype and growing budget centered around content marketing, it's important to have a clear grasp on exactly what content marketing is. So, whether you're a business owner who's looking to gain a better understanding of content marketing, or a marketer who needs a helpful, shareable overview, this collection of infographics will be right up your alley.

  • What's Up With Google+?

    Toward the end of April word leaked that Google+ would no longer be considered a product. Instead it would be a platform – ending its so-called competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Google hasn't released a bunch of details about the changes coming to Google+, but change is in the air.

  • Automate Your Twitter Account Today (Finally)

    You've been saying it for over a year now - tomorrow will be the day you finally automate your twitter account. Not completely (we don't want you to become spam) - but intelligently mastering the social media tool. Automating it in a way that makes your twitter account even more exciting- even more engaging- than updates about what you ate for dinner last night.

  • Are You Wasting Your Time on Social Media?

    ​Social media can be a major asset - but it can also be a waste of our time. I talk with small-to-midsize businesses and organizations every week, and the number one thing I hear from them about why they're admittedly not doing enough on social media is because they just don't have the time.

  • 4 Ways to Build Social Media Relevance as a Brand in Your Local Community

    Are you fighting to gain a foothold as a new brand in your local community? It's tough getting your name out there and building a relationship with your friends and neighbors; at least as a business. How do you market yourself without spending a ton of money, or looking like someone trying to take advantage of friendships for the purpose of expanding your business?

  • How to Fix a High Bounce Rate

    Let's go over the 9 main reasons for high bounce rates and, more importantly, what you can do to make people keep scrolling downward and clicking through more pages.

  • Create Killer Content That Won't Kill Your Budget

    Find your footage. Once you have an approved concept, track down in-the-can footage. There's plenty of video out there available from stock houses. In our case – with the Cracker Jack'D "Fuel Stories" video series – we contacted Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus and purchased extreme sports clips from their arena events at a fraction of the cost of shooting it ourselves.

  • The Ideal Social Selling Routine in Less Than 30 Minutes [infographic]

    Building a Social Selling routine shouldn't be complicated. The team at Sales for Life crowdsourced over 50,000 sales professionals all over the world on their best practices. This visual walks you through an ideal Social Selling routine to help you impact every stage of the buyer's journey: from lead generation to prospecting and closing more deals.

  • How to Perfectly Promote Your Company on LinkedIn for Amazing Results

    LinkedIn is one of my favorite social networks. Why? Well it works great as a business development tool for my business allowing me to target key prospects very accurately, saving time. Also it is a fantastic platform to showcase your expertise in a field. Especially with the new LinkedIn publishing platform with its 'blog posts' feature. My social media agency has secured numerous deals using the site as a sales development tool.

  • How Consumers Are Responding to Data-Advertising [infographic]

    How do you sell an intangible product out of a storefront that no customer can step into? Aha. That's one of the biggest fundamental questions behind digital marketing. Connecting the eyeballs (and then the dollars) with your brand has gotten both easier and more difficult as our digital world becomes increasingly layered and fractured.

  • 6 Tips for a Better LinkedIn Company Page

    LinkedIn Company Pages are a great way to brand your business, and share key content, information and updates with a targeted audiences. All employees who list your company on their profile are automatic followers of your company, and others may choose to follow your Company Page at their option. When you post great content to your Company Page, your followers engage with the updates and share it with their networks which amplifies your reach and serves to build your following even more.

  • Stuck in a Marketing Rut? 3 Ways to Engage with Bloggers

    Marketers are always on the lookout for new tools and strategies to improve their campaigns, especially when it comes to the ever changeable world of social media. Many are attending Social Shake Up 15 (9-10 June in Atlanta, Georgia) to find inspiration in the variety of workshops and lectures on social media presented by some of the most accomplished experts in the industry.

  • 4 Recent Twitter Updates You Should Know About (If You Don't Already)

    Twitter has been one busy little bird this spring. While Twitter updates are not uncommon, it's worth noting that this month alone, everyone's favorite microblogging platform has released four significant updates to various feature sets. Do you know what they are?

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