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  • 9 Social Media Marketing Rules You Should Break

    Social media has had a tremendous impact on our culture over the years. Back when I first dipped my toe into social media, that world was dominated by kids and computer geeks. In 1998, I spent time on bulletin boards, forums, and chat rooms, telling college students not to "rip" their favorite music and instead to support the artists and pay for it. That effort didn't go too well because my client didn't respect the medium or the students.

  • Facebook Taking the Challenge to YouTube with New Video Ad Partnerships

    July 01, 2015 Andrew Hutchinson Facebook is certainly pushing hard on video content. Following updates this week relating to new video metrics in Page Insights and an algorithm update geared towards showing users more videos, The Social Network has today announced its first steps towards enabling video partners to earn ad revenue from the four billion plus videos they're serving to users every day – a move which also signals its next advance on YouTube in the battle for online video dominance.

  • 7 Ways To Do More With Earned Media

    So you've implemented a blogger outreach program and you're working with YouTube influencers to have them say cool things about your brand, whilst also collecting unique Instagram photos from your consumers. Now what? Having those earned mentions floating around the blogosphere and across social are fantastic, but let's face it, we could all do a better job of making the most out of our earned media and user generated content (UGC).

  • 3 Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers

    June 30, 2015 Carianne King Gaining Twitter followers is one thing, and engagement is another. Sometimes you just want to get those follower numbers up--to jumpstart a business, for example, get those RTs and favorites rolling in… The number is just that: a number. But here's some tools that will help you gain followers on Twitter quickly.

  • What You Think You Know About Advertising Online Is Wrong

    June 30, 2015 Sarah Snow Truth 1: People don't necessarily read what they click on. Social media marketers and publishers are always chasing pageviews. Counting clicks. It the metric that writers get paid for. And the metric that a lot of advertisers care about, too. There is an assumption that people are reading the content that they click on. But in fact, 55% of views last fewer than 15 seconds. Those clicks really shouldn't count. "The data gets even more interesting when you dig in a little.

  • 10 Ways to Creatively Design Your Business Twitter Profile

    July 01, 2015 Julia McCoy Twitter is such a great social media tool, isn't it? It connects you with your audience, helps you reach a wider one, and makes it incredibly easy to go with the trends. When used right, it can be a powerful social channel for your business, and can be a lot of fun, too. There are different aspects you need to consider when it comes to using this channel, and one of those is how you can creatively design your business Twitter profile to be absolutely powerful.

  • Social Media Day Reflections: 2015's Social Media Trends

    Most of us use social media on a daily basis. Facebook keeps us connected to family and friends, Twitter is our go-to news source, Instagram lets us share the photos and images we love… so do we really need a designated Social Media Day? Mashable said yes and declared the 30th June to be the official Social Media Day.

  • Digital Storytelling: How to Share Ideas in Innovative Ways

    Today we have the technology to consume content in a more interactive way. And I'm not talking via Twitter, Instagram's recent visual news update or TheSkimm. From journalism to brand storytelling to user-generated content, we can now use data visualization, animation, interactivity, and sound to build content that is truly immersive. I was lucky to attend a recent PRSA digital event where I witnessed state-of-the-art digital stories at Lightbox's unique floor-to-ceiling displays.

  • How to Build a Community of Brand Ambassadors Rather Than a Number of Followers

    June 29, 2015 Margot da Cunha Could you name half of the people you follow on Twitter? Ok, go! ...I'm guessing all you could come up with was Oprah and Nike? Perhaps there's a brand or two that really stands out in your mind because they've interacted with you and tend to post more stimulating content then the average tweeter. Those are the accounts I want to focus on, and how to make your brand become a community rather than a pool of unconscious followers.

  • Facebook Introduces New Video Metrics to Help Maximize Video Campaigns

    June 30, 2015 Andrew Hutchinson Given the increases in engagement figures, it's no surprise that Facebook has put a major emphasis on video content over the last six months. Back in April, The Social Network reported that it's now serving, on average, four billion video views per day, with 75% of them on mobile. This was up from the three billion views they reported at the end of 2014.

  • 5 Things Social Media Professionals Need to Know About Facebook Place Tips

    Upon waking up in a hotel this morning, a prompt on Facebook to explore my hotel's "Place Tips" greeted me. What a great new tool and a future way for Facebook to monetize geo-based location features (although Facebook says they have no plans to place ads, I find that hard to believe). Introduced earlier this month, Place Tips gathers useful information about a business or landmark and shows it at the top of the News Feed for in-store visitors. So what does this mean for social media managers?

  • How To Be Successful in Mobile Advertising

    Mobile is increasingly becoming the main screen accessed throughout the day, and mobile marketing, in turn, has developed into a sophisticated, personalized marketing channel to reach consumers. In this white paper, Quantcast explores the mobile landscape and identifies opportunities and solutions for advertisers. It includes key mobile trends, mobile advertising options, mobile marketing myths busted, and a successful mobile campaign checklist.

  • 5 Biggest Differences between Social Media and Social Networking

    June 28, 2015 Pete Schauer Trying to figure out the difference between social media and social networking is like trying to fully understand every ranking factor that Google uses for SEO: it's not easy. To really understand the difference between the two, we first need to define them.

  • Facebook's Streamlining the Customer Data Gathering Process With Lead Ads

    Facebook is coming up with ever more inventive ways to keep users on Facebook for longer. In their latest effort, Facebook has announced a new ad feature called 'Lead Ads' which they're currently testing in various markets. Lead ads simplify the process of getting people to sign-up for a newsletter or submit information to a business by enabling Facebook to auto-fill the required fields with their existing Facebook profile data.

  • Instagram Announces Major Search Upgrade – A Challenge to Twitter's Real-Time Coverage?

    June 23, 2015 Andrew Hutchinson Activity continues at Instagram. Fresh from announcing 'Buy Now' buttons to enable users to shop direct, and new, Facebook-esque targeting for advertisers, the photo sharing app has announced another upgrade, this time to its search functionality.

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