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  • The Top 10 Halloween Candy Brands on Twitter

    The time is upon us for trick-or-treating, as Halloween looms tomorrow. So Crimson Hexagon mined Twitter for all mentions of candies on the social platform. And a quick note to marketers in this category: the Boston-based social media vendor reports that few brands are including the #Halloween hashtag in their tweets, which seems like a mistake. Of all tweets mentioning "Halloween" and "candy," the only brand-themed hashtags of note were from Listerine and Welch's Fruit Snacks.

  • 6 Easy Ways to Get Local News to Cover Your Story – and Why It's Important

    Chances are you have some great stories to tell: from patient success stories and new research to helpful information that impacts the lives of people in your community. And, your local news is often an effective channel for furthering awareness of your healthcare organization and getting your stories told. Generating local news coverage can be fairly easy if you know the best practices. Here are six simple tips to help you get started:

  • Article: Where's the Mobile Ad Money Coming From Next Year?

    The rapid growth in mobile ad spending isn't stopping, and additional mobile dollars will come at the expense of print, TV and digital display ads in the coming year. Whether advertisers put their mobile dollars toward smartphone or tablet ads depends on what they're trying to achieve. Smartphones are better at delivering results, audience and targeting, while tablets are tops for engagement and user experience.

  • 8 Ways PR Helps Sales

    The big difference between public relations and advertising is that PR takes a lot more effort, thus it is often referred to in the marketing industry as "earned media." Anyone can conduct public relations if they have the time, the know-how and the persistence.

  • Lessons on building a brand with social media

    Companies that take a fearful approach to social media need to step up and show some guts and encourage employees to share, writes an HR consultant.

  • Here Are 10 Must-See Stats From This Week in Digital Marketing

    We've rounded up this week's 10 most-interesting numbers from the world of digital marketing. Check them out below. 1. Facebook posts with only 40 characters get 86 percent more engagement, according to researchers Daniella Franco and Kimi Mongello. 2. Yahoo's revenue from display ads in the third quarter, $447 million, was down 5 percent year over year.

  • Here's a Timeline Showing the 20 Years After the Banner Ad

    AT&T ran the first banner ad two decades ago today via the then-popular Web browser Netscape, which offered a palette of 16 colors—a fraction of what modern digital designers have at their disposal. "It was like using a box of crayons—except there weren't even 32 colors to choose from," said Wonderfactory CEO Joe McCambley, who back then helped draw up the historic campaign for HotWired as Modem Media's creative director. While the result wasn't exactly a masterpiece, it spurred a revolution.

  • Article: Real-Time Marketing Requires Patience and Listening

    The definition of real-time marketing continues to evolve, leaving marketers unsure just how swiftly they should be hooking into major cultural moments. In an interview with eMarketer, Joe McCaffrey, planning director and head of social at digital agency Huge, discusses real-time social marketing and attribution modeling.

  • Mobile marketing at Facebook will beat out Google next year

    In a recent interview, De Silva explained that he has predicted that by the year 2016, Facebook will have left Google behind by taking on the top spot in mobile advertising revenue. The reason, he said, was because Google has dropped the ball when it comes ...

  • 7 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

    Improving the level of engagement on your social media channels can be an ongoing and relentless task. Nevertheless, to achieve any real results with your social media strategy, establishing quality engagement is essential. If you want to get more out ...

  • Article: The Content Is Out, but Where's the ROI?

    More than three-quarters of business-to-consumer marketers use content marketing. However, they're still struggling to measure content effectiveness, citing this as the top content marketing challenge, and less than one-quarter say they're successful at measuring return on investment.

  • How Four of America's Top Marketers Use Data

    A panel of four c-suite marketers at last week's ANA Masters of Marketing conference agreed that although there are still significant obstacles in understanding big data, some are surprisingly closer to figuring it out than you may think. Walmart's CMO Stephen Quinn was particularly vocal about the strides that his brand has made within the past year in linking together digital and in-store data, especially as more shoppers walk into stores with smartphones and tablets.

  • So Many Mobile Ad Formats, What's an App Developer to Do?

    Mobile advertising is continuing to explode and more and more big brand names are moving their ad budgets out of traditional media and into mobile. Its great news for developers and their apps in the marketplaces, however the folks on Madison Avenue are ...

  • 7 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences

    So, youre attending a conference. Youve paid the entrance fee, put on the best outfit ever, grabbed a big stack of business cards and made sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. The one piece of the conference puzzle I can almost guarantee youre missing ...

  • Article: YouTube Content Creator Channels Help Marketers Get in on the Right Action

    YouTube's unmatched range of content means marketers can find nearly every interest group and demographic among the site's visitors. The top content creators on YouTube have their own channels, and that structure gives marketers a distinct focus for ad placement. According to a new eMarketer report, the value of these specific content creators and their channels is their ability to give marketers a worthy mix of context and audience.

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