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  • 7 Engagement Strategies for Facebook

    Engagement strategies for Facebook business pages that will connect you to your community without paying for promoted posts or Facebook ads.

  • This Is Who's Using Social Networks Like Facebook, Instagram, And Snapchat

    In a new report from BI Intelligence, we unpack data from over a dozen sources to understand how social media demographics are still shifting. For brands and advertisers, whos on the different social networks has a big impact on where they focus their social ...

  • Use Hashtags Effectively for Greater Branding Benefits

    Hashtags can increase user engagement, improve brand visibility, and help ensure that your Twitter marketing and social marketing campaigns enjoy the greatest success. If you only occasionally litter an unresearched and untested hashtag in your tweets, though, you are unlikely to be enjoy the full benefits.

  • 25 Ways to Engage Your Social Media Following

    If you have a company, product, or service to promote, then social media can be your best friend forever. Think of it like taking over the world—not in a bad way like Darth Vader or loom bands. People love to use social media.

  • 5 Surefire Digital Marketing Strategies

    Digital marketing is essential for the success of businesses of any size. Competitors and prospects constantly spend time on the Internet, making digital marketing the only way to keep ahead in the game.

  • How to Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

    The “#” symbol, or hashtag, has grown organically from a Twitter-only search methodology to an essential part of social media. Use the # symbol before a word or phrase, and it instantly becomes a searchable link. Just remember that punctuation, spaces, and special characters are not supported. If spaces concern you, you can even paraphrase a complex thought by capitalizing the first letter of each word to make it easier to read. You can create a new hashtag to represent any topic, as long as it is both simple and relevant. After-all, you want people to be able to find what you’re sharing. Hashtags were born on Twitter, but are now supported by most of the larger social media platforms giving them an important role in your social media campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest all have various levels of hashtag support. That’s important because the best social media campaigns encompass multiple platforms. Consistency is critical for success, not to mention tractability.    So are you using hashtags across all social media channels? According to a survey, 43% of people believe hashtags are useful and 58% use hashtags regularly. Read on to learn more about how you can ...

  • 5 Tips for Getting Your Event Audience Buzzing on Social Media

    Everybody wants the same things when using social media at events: a larger audience, and the right connections to potential partners. But one key detail that most people overlook is that its not just about how many connections youve made at an event ...

  • Content Planning Checklist: How to Develop a Strategic Content Plan

    The research is over – but how do you create a content plan good enough to exploit your in-depth findings?

  • B2B Marketing and Sales: Understanding Context Before Jumping to Solutions

    B2B marketing and sales can be plagued by a very common problem called: jumping to the solution. It's where we jump to putting content together and assumed context together to tell buyers why our solutions are the best for what ails them. What is missing?

  • 4 Secrets to Crowd-Worthy Content with Bryan Kramer

    It took Bryan Kramer five days to write his book, "There is No B2B or B2C - Human to Human: #H2H," in which he gave wise advice to brands on how to bring back the human side of communication.

  • Six trends driving the future of social

    As #SMW kicks off in earnest Nicola Kemp reveals the key trends driving the market. While there are few certainties in life, there are many at social media week. Looking ahead at the weeks events, undoubtedly there will be much chatter around ...

  • The 5 Best Social Media Campaigns of the Summer

    Summer may typically be a slow time for marketing but that hasn't stopped some savvy brands from launching creative campaigns that stand out.

  • 5 Creative Digital Marketing Solutions for B2B Companies

    The B in B2B does not need to stand for BORING. In the digital age, our target markets in the B2B world are becoming more and more tech-savvy and they are spending more time on social media networks. What might attract their attention even more than a content marketing article piece?

  • Blogging Your Business: 4 Tips to Boost Your Blogging Campaign

    NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Maintaining a company blog can help you generate brand recognition and significantly increase sales, yet because of time and creative constraints, many business owners are not committing to the task. The following four simple tips can help you...

  • How to Start Conversations with Your Social Content

    Social conversations with a real substance seem to be on the verge of extinction. Some of the most popular blogs have a few comments, but reflect very little interaction between writers and readers.

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