Season of Giving Back to the Community


‘Tis the season to end the year on a high note! It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of time and put marketing on hold until the new year. At ICE, we encourage all our clients to give marketing a final push and closeout the year positioned to enter January with a running start.

For our clients, we are finishing the final pieces for the 2014 editorial calendar, generating the last few campaign leads, engaging prospects with actionable tweets, interacting with new 2015 opportunities via LinkedIn, and making plans to kickoff new campaigns in the first days of the new year. We also take this time to reflect on what worked and didn’t during the last twelve months. There is nothing like a few months of real data to help hone initiatives.

With all that focused business activity, we also stop to think about the people in our community who aren’t as fortunate. The holidays can be difficult for a variety of reasons. For those with families struggling to make ends meet it can be stressful and isolating.

In addition to our passion for technology marketing, our belief that we can make a difference in our world through community outreach unites the ICE team. Everyone needs help from time-to-time and extending a hand during the holidays is exactly what ICE is all about.

ICE Worldwide is incredibly proud to support Families First, a health and support center that provides integrated medical care for everyone in the family from infants to seniors. This organization is dedicated to helping families be successful. They offer parent and child groups, parenting classes, parent groups, and medical / dental care to those that need it the most.

Every Monday, Families First hosts dinner for an average of 20 families. These dinners are dedicated to providing a healthy meal for the parents and children. It can be the only healthy meal these families receive all week. As a non-profit, the organization relies on the generosity of the community to either donate the meal or provide the financial resources for the Families First staff to purchase the food. The families eat together and then the Families First team hosts a fun activity for the kids, while the parents attend a workshop or receive medical attention.

It is heartbreaking to consider that for many of these families their holiday dinner would be the one offered by the organization on December 22nd. With the Christmas holiday only days away, the reality that for many their won’t be presents under a tree or even warm clothes to protect against the coming snow rallied our team into action.

For those that know ICE Worldwide, we are all about delivering results that matter. There is no question we also apply this same mindset to our community service. So, on Monday, December 22nd, ICE, with the support of some fantastic local businesses and special people, is taking over Families First!

Everyone deserves an over-the-top dinner during the holidays! If you could have a fabulous holiday dinner, what would it include? We’re thinking prime rib! The Thirsty Moose Tap House will be slow-roasting it to perfection. Wondering if the toddlers will enjoy that tasty beef? The Thirsty Moose has that covered by also providing chicken fingers for the little ones. What will pair with that? A large side salad filled with fresh vegetables to give these families the nutrition they need. We, of course, will also be serving Jocelyn’s favorite – potatoes. The recipe is her family’s secret.

It doesn’t end there. What beats warm oven baked bread rolls? Me & Ollie’s and When Pigs Fly Bakery would probably say, “Nothing!” They’ll both be donating breads and cookies.

We also believe the holidays are about de-stressing and fun. The Galley Hatch is providing us with gingerbread people to decorate together with the children after dinner. This is definitely going to be a celebration to remember!

We didn’t want to stop there! A hearty and warm meal is most important, but we can’t imagine the magic of the holiday without a little something under the tree. Many of these families have to pick and choose what to spend their money on this time of year. It often means deciding whether to put gas in the car, oil in the tank to heat the house, or food on the table. While every parent wants to give to their child; it isn’t always possible. Not every child was going to receive a special gift.

Families First provided us with a wish list for 31 children. We have almost met the mark, with an office full of Legos, baseball bats, snow sleds, dolls, books, DVDs, games, and more! We’re so grateful to have friends that have joined in on donating some great gifts, such as Eport Wood Products.

Finally, we want these kiddos to be warm. We are asking people to donate hats, mittens, scarfs, etc. for children ages 2 – 11. There is already a nice collection started thanks to some very generous people. It’s not too late if you’d like to join in, too!

We have 6 days until our dinner. Please reach out to us on Facebook. If you’d like to learn more about Families First and how you can help them, please head to their website.

ICE would like to give a big thank you to all the local businesses listed above! We couldn’t do it without you.

What is your favorite part about the holiday season? Send us a tweet @ICEWorldwide or comment below!

By Paige Clairmont

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