Why Video Should be a part of your Content Marketing Strategy

A recent study from Marketing Tech Blog says that online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic, which is one big reason this year has been called “The Year of Video Marketing”. Video has been proven to be far more effective at grabbing a viewer’s attention than text alone and also keeps your audience engaged. Video marketing can benefit your business in a number of ways, but most importantly, it keeps your business on track with the latest trends, so you won’t fall behind. 

Video marketing keeps your strategy diverse, helping you stay up-to-date in the marketing world and attract large numbers of new visitors. Video provides a fresh new way to reach your audience by providing engaging content that if used in email marketing, can increase open rates, increase click-through rates, and reduce unsubscribe rates. 

Are you convinced yet? If you’re ready to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy here are some ideas to help you get started.

Add a Video to Your Homepage

Welcoming a visitor to your site with a video provides them with fresh and appealing content the moment they enter.  Adding a short, entertaining and attention-grabbing video to your homepage makes visitors 46% more likely to take action after viewing.   

If you’re not ready to incorporate video into your homepage, filming an interview and posting it to your site is a great way to create buzz and increase website traffic. Try tracking down an interesting person in your industry and see if they would sit down for a short Q&A video on a specific topic. Not only will this create a new content asset, but it will also help build relationships with other thought leaders. They may even promote it for you!

Create a YouTube Channel

If you are not looking to host videos on your site, a YouTube channel for your business is a great alternative. Experts recommend a YouTube channel for any business because of the sharing capabilities it possesses. YouTube has been a frontrunner in online video for years and with today’s focus on video marketing, creating a channel for your business just makes sense.

Video Lessons and Demonstrations

Everybody loves a good how-to video. Whether you demonstrate how to use a product you sell, or a program your company uses, video lessons are very helpful and will keep visitors coming back for more. 90% of online buyers say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process, and people are far more likely to share a video about a product, than an article about the same thing. Bottom line is: product videos lead to increased sales.

Shareable Video

Viral videos are a secret marketing weapon. Creating a fun video that many will want to share is not only a great way to sell a product, but also creates brand awareness. Video allows you to entertain and inform viewers simultaneously. Videos go viral if they are compelling and shareable so, making your viewers want to share your video is critical for success. Many successful videos have been shared because they appeal to people’s emotions. Whether you focus on humor or heart, or something that your business stands for, the more shares your video has, the more people you reach, meaning a larger audience becomes aware of your brand.

Preview an Event

Creating excitement about an upcoming event is easily accomplished through video. Talk about exciting features of the event and mention any important guests that will be attending. A quick promo video will leave a lasting impression on potential guests and seeing the face behind the event will build trust and will influence more people to sign up. Creating an amazing video will not only help drive people to your event, it will also increase the chances people will want to share it with friends. Be sure to post your video to your event page as well as Facebook to maximize exposure. 

Showcase Your Portfolio

One major benefit of promoting your services through video is that it gives you the ability to show rather than tell prospects how you can help solve their problems.  When a viewer watches a video of your service, it is easier for them to connect with your brand on a more personal level and build trust, than if you wrote an article on why they should use you. Compiling some of your recent work into a video montage is a great way to sell your services. These types of videos mesmerize people and keep them wanting more, which could lead to website traffic and potential new clients. Using audio-visuals you can easily pass your marketing message more effectively, because this medium appeals to several senses.


For those who are not into complex video production, Vine offers a simple solution. The app allows users to create and add 6-second video clips that repeat on a loop. Any video marketer will tell you that the first few seconds of a video are key to capturing the attention of your audience. Vine allows you to deliver a great message in six seconds or under in a fun and creative way.


These are just a few ways that you can begin to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, but it is important to be creative and come up with videos that work for your company. Do this, and you will be surprised how quickly your business grows!


Have you experimented with video marketing? Share your results with @ICEWorldwide on Twitter or leave a comment below!


By Katie Berry

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