ICE Worldwide’s marketing services deliver serious business value.

ICE Worldwide is a boutique agency that prides itself on delivering comprehensive marketing programs. Our marketing services are underpinned by market intelligence and expand across all services required to thrive in the digital world: brand development, inbound marketing, digital marketing, media opportunities, social media, event management and community development. We leverage the digital tools to harvest important sales insights to further enhance results. We provide clients with the research and flexibility to choose the right media for the right purpose for the right result.

The ICE team hails from all areas of corporate communications including advertising, marketing, social media, public relations, analyst relations and investor relations. You don’t spend as many years as we have in the industry without learning what works, what doesn’t and always keeping on top of what’s new. As a result of our diversity and experience, we can offer companies a broad range of services at a high-caliber level:

  • Strategy and Branding high-level messaging matrices, corporate re-branding, new product launches, competitive analyses
  • Content Development marketing collateral, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, presentations
  • Social Media blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook
  • Interactive Media websites, webinars, interactive email campaigns
  • Public Relations press releases, trade articles and interviews, investor and analyst community outreach
  • Event Marketing tradeshows, special customer events, seminars
  • Sales Support inbound/outbound call campaigns, lead generation, scripted presentations

We believe an agency gets the clients they deserve, and we’re proud to have some of the most dynamic companies in the industry as customers. We also work hard to retain our customers and keep satisfaction levels high, year after year, by constantly innovating and adapting our marketing strategies to get higher results.


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